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Solar Home Battery Energy Storage System 15KWH

 Nalesa Home battery is a smart (available 15kWh) residential energy storage device that provides homeowners with the ability to store electricity generated by an on-site solar system or the grid as an emergency home battery backup. Despite its appeal as an emergency power device, we were designed to give homeowners with solar systems a way to generate electricity during the day and into the night.

■ Model:10Kw-15Kwh Battery system

■ Form: 51.2v 40Ah LiFePo4 battery

■ Production capacity: 5000 sets/month

■ Weight: 150kg

■ Application scope: UPS, solar battery energy storage system

■ Lifespan: 6000 times

■ Installation method: vertical or floor-mounted

Battery Solar Home Battery Energy Storage System Off Grid Solar System high voltage 15KWH Energy Storage Solar System

We can match you with a variety of power battery packs and hybrid inverters:


Battery management system

Come with BMS. Unlike any other BMS. This BMS design is only suitable for solar energy storage systems. So far, our BMS has interactively communicated with the most popular brand inverters on the market. This makes the battery system more stable and lasts longer.

● Overheat cutoff

● Overvoltage cut-off

● Short circuit protection

● The overcharge/discharge is cut off

● Overcurrent cutoff

● Communication ports :CAN, RS232, RS485.

Specifications of 15KWH Battery system:

Capacity Energy15kwh
Capacity Ah70Ah
Suggested SOC5%~100%
Nominal Voltage153V
Operation Voltage120-175V
Maximum Charging/Discharging Current40A
Operation Temperature-15℃ ~ 55℃


Non-toxic and harmless cobalt-free LFP battery chemistry

Intelligent output constant voltage technology

Efficiency 98%

Fast charge and discharge rates

Cycle life 10,000 times, 10-year warranty

Aviation fool-proof socket design, IP67 insulation protection

Seamless integration with industry standard inverter/charge controller

Built-in safety - BMS features circuit breaker on/off switch for shipping and installation

Modular, scalable and proven performance

Photovoltaic + energy storage + inverter integrated design: an efficient integrated energy solution for home merchants.

On-grid and off-grid switching can be realized

Made in China.

Features and advantages:

Integrated unit of solar Hybrid inverter +LiFePO4 battery pack

And off-grid energy storage function

Intelligent charger design to optimize battery performance

Compatible with grid utilities/generators

External WIFI device is optional

Office and home power supplies

The LiFePO4 package has the BMS function

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