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30kwh Catl Battery Energy Storage System


 ■   High safety: intelligent output constant voltage technology, the use of lithium iron phosphate chemical body is only for  afety, 100Ah. Compact module design volume energy density industry-leading, BMS management system, intelligent   ithium battery protection.

■   Long service life: 10-year battery warranty, 10,000 cycle life.

■    Flexible configuration and easy expansion: Stacking expansion, 5-35KWh energy can be selected according to needs, and the maximum parallel expansion can reach 35KWh.

■   EMS system, mobile APP monitoring: charging, discharging, and power management are clear at a glance.

■   SOC breathing light: the status is displayed in real time.

■   Easy and safe installation: No special tools are required for installation, the aviation fool-proof socket design prevents the  risk of short circuit, and the socket is IP67 insulation protection to ensure the safety of installation and users.

■   Photovoltaic + energy storage + inverter integrated design: an efficient and integrated energy solution for households   and businesses.

10Kw 10-40Kwh CATL Lithium Battery All In One Energy Storage Syetem

Technical Parameters:




  • Multiple energy storage modes

  • Guarantees household power supply

  • Seamlessly switch to backup in case of power failure

Safety & Compliance

EP CUBE is loaded with safety features, including an integrated arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI), rapid shutdown, and holds certifications including UL 1699, BUL 1741-SB, IEEE 1547, IEEE 2030.5, UL 1642, UL 1973, UL 9540, UL 9540A, UN 38.3

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