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Energy Storage Stacked Lithium Battery Pack 5-35kwh

Operating Mode:

● Self-consumption (with photovoltaic power supply) priority: load>battery>grid, suitable for areas with low grid-connected electricity prices and high energy prices

● Self-consumption (no photovoltaic power supply) When there is no photovoltaic power supply, the battery will first discharge the local load, and when the battery capacity is insufficient, the grid will supply power

● Peak shaving and valley filling Priority: battery>load>grid (during charging), load>battery>grid (during discharge), suitable for areas with electricity prices between peak and valley, users can use off-peak power to charge the battery. The charging and discharging time can be set flexibly, and you can also choose whether to charge from the grid.

● Input Priority Priority: load>grid>battery, suitable for areas with higher grid-connected electricity prices and export controls, photovoltaic power generation will first be used to supply local loads, and then output to the public grid, redundant power will charge the battery.

● Backup mode priority: battery>load>grid, suitable for areas with frequent power outages, when the grid is disconnected, this mode ensures that the battery has sufficient energy supply, in this mode, the battery will be forced to Charging, and never discharging while the grid is connected, it also allows the option of charging from the grid or not.

● EPS status When the grid is off, the system will provide emergency power through photovoltaics or batteries to power household loads.

  15-30KWh all-in-one home solar energy storage system All-in-one solar energy storage system is obviously an alternative to off-grid solar energy storage system. For households that are not connected to the grid, solar energy storage systems are often very good power supply units for home use, and because there are long life LiFePO4 batteries and hybrid solar inverters integrated in one device, it is very flexible and mobile for households when grid utilities are less or electricity is very expensive. Energy storage systems will help solve many problems and save a lot of electricity bills. The integrated solar energy storage system is a multifunctional inverter that combines the multiple functions of the inverter, solar charger and battery charger, as well as the LiFePO4 battery pack to provide uninterrupted power to the load. Its easy-to-access comprehensive LCD touch screen display allows users to set different dates according to user requirements, such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, And according to different applications set different input voltage characteristics and advantages solar hybrid inverter integrated machine +LiFePO4 battery pack off-grid energy storage function can be preferred to configure AC/ solar through the LCD set smart battery charger design, Optimize battery performance Compatible with grid utilities/generators External WIFI devices Optional to run in parallel with up to 9 office and home power supplies LiFePO4 package BMS feature integrated solar storage systems are an excellent choice for the average person's power usage, such as small offices and homes. They are especially suitable for small families or couples.                     


Main Features

Built-in pure sine wave MPPT solar inverter

Built-in MPPT solar charging controller

Built-in BMS protection, 15KWh capacity

Inverter output rated power 10KW

Remote control

6000 times battery life, DoD 80%

Support mobile APP WIFI Bluetooth connection

Can the solar panels and AC sockets be charged

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