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What are the options for household energy storage batteries

With the improvement of living standards, many people have begun to pursue precautions in life, such as buying more toiletries or consumables for storage and use, and even storing items that can be used in emergencies such as disaster emergency kits. The family power reserve we are talking about today is a product that can provide emergency power reserve for the family in case of accidents or power outages. After all, people in the 21st century have become accustomed to electrical life. If there is no electricity, it will bring a lot of trouble to life. .

Now there are a variety of energy storage battery options on the market, including relatively large brands and some niche brand products. How to choose an energy storage lithium battery that meets their own family needs has gradually become a difficult problem for more users.

At present, the product brands with a relatively large proportion on the market mainly include: CATL, BYD, Korea SDI, EVE, REPT, Gotion Hi-Tech, GREAT POWER, LGES, PYLON Tech, ATL, Japan Panasonic, etc. , The price is also different according to the storage capacity of the product. The price of big brand products is relatively high, but the quality is guaranteed and relatively stable. There are also some brands with higher cost performance, such as our Nalesa energy storage battery all-in-one machine, which uses CATL batteries, combined with our own technology and innovation, especially for high-voltage products. We are the first company to produce high-voltage stacked battery storage energy system. The battery and inverter integrated machine directly saves the steps of installing the inverter, which is more convenient. You can choose the product specification of 5KWH-40KWH, and the price is cheap, which has become the first choice of many home users.