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What is battery management system

 ( BMS) battery management system is used for real-time remote monitoring of the battery pack, without on-site testing, which reduces the difficulty of battery pack maintenance and fully saves human resources, time and production costs,.

whether it is on your car, charging station Or home backup power, outdoor solar power plants and other fields collect battery information of the battery pack in real time and send the collected battery information to the Server server in real time. Users can know the battery information of the battery pack in real time through the main control terminal and mobile client. , to achieve real-time remote monitoring of the BMS battery management system.

The core function of BMS

1) Battery monitoring technology

1. Acquisition of single battery voltage;

2. Acquisition of single battery temperature;

3. Battery pack current detection;

The accurate measurement of temperature is also very important for the working state of the battery pack, including the temperature measurement of a single battery and the temperature monitoring of the heat dissipation liquid of the battery pack. This requires reasonable setting of the position and number of temperature sensors, and a good cooperation with the BMS control module.

2) SOC technology: Simply put, it is to see how much power is left in the battery

SOC is the most important parameter in BMS, because everything else is based on SOC, if there is no accurate SOC, no amount of protection functions can make BMS work normally, mainly because the battery will often be in a protected state

The higher the estimation accuracy of the SOC, the higher the cruising range of the electric vehicle and the maximum performance of the battery pack under the same capacity of the battery.