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How to install home energy storage battery at low cost?

Why is it expensive to use a solar energy storage system?

The main reasons for the high cost of using photovoltaic power generation are as follows:

1. The prices of photovoltaic panels and lithium batteries are relatively high

2. The labor cost of installing the energy storage system is high

How to better save and use the residential energy storage battery system?

1. From the product side, the current energy storage product technology is becoming more and more mature, and the application cost is getting lower and lower, which reduces the use cost to a certain extent

2. Some countries will give certain subsidies to energy storage battery system users to reduce the cost of use, or directly sell photovoltaic power generation to the State Grid to make money.

3. Reduce manual installation procedures. At present, most energy storage batteries and inverters are installed separately and fixedly, which leads to high costs. At present, you can choose photovoltaic hybrid inverters and energy storage battery integrated machines, so that you can Directly save a lot of installation costs.


  The cabinet-type vertical energy storage battery all-in-one machine is a very good choice. It has a built-in photovoltaic inverter and energy storage lithium battery pack. It can be stacked directly without too much installation. It is also equipped with a pulley base, which is very convenient to move at any time.