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Why should you have a balcony solar energy storage system in Germany?

   In recent years, due to the problem of global warming, humans have been committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In the energy field, we will gradually abandon thermal power generation and develop cleaner, environmentally friendly and renewable energy. In terms of electric energy, more wind and solar energy are used to generate electricity. The benefits of this are not only the use of environmentally friendly energy, but also the reduction of electricity costs.

   Especially in Europe, after experiencing Russia and Ukraine, the demand for energy self-sufficiency has increased, electricity prices have begun to rise, and residents’ electricity costs have increased. In order to save living costs, some countries will provide users with a certain amount of subsidies, so solar energy and storage Energy demand growth is accelerating.

How big is the market for private solar PV systems (0-30kWp) in Germany?

The total installed capacity of solar PV in 2022 is 7.3GW.The installed capacity of 0-30kWp accounts for 33%.

0-30kWp projects total 2.4GW.If the installed capacity of each project is 10kWp, a total of 240,000 households have installed solar energy. Energy storage was installed in 86 percent of those homes, or nearly 206,400 homes. The installed capacity in 2023 will be 9GW, and 250,000-300,000 homes will be installed with solar. By 2025, the installed capacity will reach 22GW/ year

How big is the German residential energy storage market?

The installed capacity for the whole of 2022 is 197,000 units.By the end of 2022, the total installed capacity will be 526,000 units.Germany will reach 1 million units by 2024.

What are the benefits of installing solar power systems and battery energy storage systems?

   With solar photovoltaic power generation, you can directly enjoy the clean energy of the sun. You don’t have to worry about peak power consumption during the day, and you get rid of your dependence on the traditional power grid. Especially when the traditional power grid has a blackout or a power grid failure, you can completely ignore it. Of course, it is easy to rely on the power grid during the day. If you only have solar power panels, it is not enough. If you want to enjoy your own power generation 24 hours a day, you can also pair it with an energy storage battery system. Solar power can be directly converted into AC power supply through the inverter, and part of it can also be directly stored in the lithium battery system and directly output to the power supply at night. Not only that, you can also sell excess power generation during the day directly to the state, which can save costs and increase profits at the same time.

How to choose a suitable energy storage system?

   There are now three options:

   1. Very large photovoltaic panels plus bulky battery energy storage systems and additional inverters

   2. An all-in-one system with large storage capacity composed of battery and inverter

   3. Built-in micro-inverter, plus a small battery that is enough to meet the needs of electrical appliances at night, but is         lightweight


   Obviously, the first one does not use portable power, then you need to consider how to install the inverter and solar panel charger, which involves space issues on the balcony. Second, without getting into the pros and cons of portable power, this is especially true if you're using batteries which are very reliable, but also tend to be bulky.

   The third is a good new option, balcony solar storage solution, you will find that you don’t need to know much about electricity, it does not take up much space, and it is all controlled by a smart panel and through your mobile phone Bluetooth remote monitoring, built-in MPPT, inverter and battery. You just need to connect it to your solar equipment and your home circuit, and the entire system is designed. Energy storage in particular is also portable.

   Nalesa's balcony energy storage battery system adopts a thin and light design and can be placed on the balcony or other places without taking up too much space. Built-in 800w micro-inverter, suitable for most connected photovoltaic panels. It can also realize dual operation mode, which can realize off-grid and grid-connected modes.

  In summary:

Balcony solar energy storage is a great concept, and while many people are discussing the economics of solar systems and even considering using it to make a profit, someone has come up with a more general concept to help more people get into the concept of environmental protection and get into The concept of new energy, getting into the concept of renewable energy, I think is something that transcends money and creates long-term benefits far beyond what you can simply calculate.