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20KWH Solar Power Lithium Battery Storage systems solution

Do you know what the ideal energy storage battery is?

In response to this problem, according to data surveys, the average daily electricity consumption of ordinary households in North America and Europe is about 10KWH, which is related to their living habits. They use a lot of electrical appliances and consume a lot of electricity, so they generally install photovoltaic power generation systems. Use photovoltaics to generate electricity during the day, then store the rest in batteries to be used at night. 

Because the battery cannot discharge 100%, the best battery capacity to meet the home energy storage is between 10-20kwh.

Our 20kwh lithium battery energy storage system is a stacked lithium battery energy storage all-in-one machine that is very suitable for home energy storage. It has an inverter and can be directly connected to a solar photovoltaic power generation system. It uses a rare high-voltage wire on the market and is popular for general household use. of stored power. Meeting the needs of general household appliances can also provide additional charging for cars.


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