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How long is the battery life of household energy storage power?

  Does the thought of losing power in your home give you anxiety? With the unpredictable nature of our current world, having a reliablebackup power system is becoming essential.

 How long the energy storage power can be used depends on the battery capacity and the number of batteries allocated. This will directly affect the service time of the energy storage power supply, and another factor is the load power and so on. The battery life of the energy storage power supply is not absolute. So how long does the power last?

  Every customer has a different type of need for battery life. Configure according to the specific time required. Just like some customers need to extend by four hours, or eight hours, etc. We will determine the full load power supply time of the battery according to the power of all load devices that need to be powered in the environment. Nalesa will provide a variety of energy storage batteries with different powers to meet a variety of application scenarios. The products cover high-voltage 5Kwh-35KwH battery products to meet the environment of homes, factories, suburban farming, and shopping malls.

  The energy storage power supply relies on battery energy storage to supply power to the load after a power outage. The standard energy storage power supply has its own battery, which can supply power for a few minutes to tens of minutes after a power outage, and is equipped with a long-lasting external battery pack, which can meet the needs of users to continue power supply during long-term power outages. Generally, the long-life energy storage power supply can be configured at full load for more than several hours, and our battery reserve power supply can even meet the needs of users for 2-3 days.

  Generally, the energy storage power supply for long-term power supply is mostly 1-8 hours, which is mainly determined according to the type of work on site and the actual demand habits. Also, the normal possible battery life is about 5-15 minutes. When choosing an energy storage power supply, choose our company's products according to actual needs, covering different storage power, and you can buy products that meet your needs here.