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What is Lithium Battery Energy Storage System(BESS)

Are you tired of ever-increasing electricity bills and unreliable power grids?  Look no further than lithium battery energy storage systems.  These cutting-edge solutions are revolutionizing the way we use and store energy, providing a reliable and sustainable source of power for homes and businesses alike.  In this article, we will explore the wonders of lithium battery energy storage systems and delve into their many benefits and applications.

What is battery energy storage system ?

Lithium battery energy storage system is an important part of distributed power generation and micro-grid system, which can realize functions such as electric energy storage, peak shaving and valley filling, and suppression of new energy output fluctuations. Lithium-ion batteries are currently one of the energy storage solutions that are the technology of choice due to their cost-effectiveness and high efficiency.

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Where is the need for battery energy storage systems?

A lithium battery energy storage system (BESS) is a rechargeable battery that can store energy from different sources and release it when needed. BESS consists of one or more batteries and a hybrid solar inverter, BMS and EMS, which can be used to balance the grid, provide backup power and improve grid stability while monitoring the operating data of the battery. Currently, lithium battery energy storage systems are widely used in residential and industrial energy storage systems connected to solar power systems, outdoor farming or marine farming. Home energy storage is currently the most popular customer group, because it can reduce household electricity costs, and battery systems are gradually becoming lighter and more convenient.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a longer cycle life, but lower energy density. The charge and discharge efficiency is usually between 80-90%, and the battery life can reach 10,000 cycles.


Nalesa brand lithium battery energy storage system is a high-quality and cost-effective residential energy storage project. What we develop is a program that has high voltage and high storage power while being portable and using it as little as possible. Based on the concept of convenience, we integrate the inverter and BMS management system into a product without installation. For battery management, you can connect to your mobile phone to monitor the operation of the entire system at any time.

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