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2023 best type of lithium battery bank for home energy storage

At present, there is a strong demand for home battery energy storage systems in the global market. Europe is the world's largest home energy storage market, with Germany, Italy and the UK in the top three. As of 2020, the newly installed capacity of domestic energy storage in Germany will be 552MW, accounting for 83% of the total in Europe. In addition, emerging markets such as Brazil, South Africa, and Vietnam also have great potential waiting to be developed.

     But at the same time, they are also facing great competition. Tesla, BYD, LG Chem, etc. are all actively deploying the battery energy storage market, and they are in a leading position in the competition by virtue of their brand advantages. In order to occupy the market share in the battery energy storage system industry, it is necessary to continuously develop new differentiated lithium battery energy storage battery systems. At present, the household high-voltage stacked lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system developed by NALESA is a good market direction. This product is an all-in-one battery energy storage system composed of 3-8 battery packs plus a high-voltage photovoltaic inverter. The stored electricity can meet the daily electricity demand of general residential users, and it can also realize grid-connected and off-grid use. It can be connected to the photovoltaic power generation system, and the photovoltaic power generation can be input into the battery pack and stored as a backup power source. When it needs to be used, the photovoltaic inverter on the battery pack will convert the direct current into alternating current for users to use. It can also be used as a temporary emergency power supply for outdoor breeding and desert power generation, as well as commercial electricity. In some areas where the electricity price is relatively expensive, the electric energy can also be stored during the period when the electricity price is cheap, and used for power supply during the period when the electricity price is expensive.

 The battery has a long life and can be used 100,000 times. It is a good energy storage option.