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10KW 20kwh home energy storage battery system

The 10kw 20kwh high-voltage home energy storage battery is a newly developed battery with a modular stacking design. It is composed of multiple battery modules with a control acquisition system stacked in series and managed by the master control management system. This battery is composed of four identical lithium phosphate batteries of 51.2V100Ah, which can reach a maximum of 204V, and is matched with a 10kw hybrid grid inverter (in addition, it can also be matched with an 8-15Kw high-voltage electric box according to actual needs). Because of the use of A-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries, the number of cycles exceeds 10,000. In addition, it is also equipped with a wireless communication module, and this battery also has safe, reliable and perfect protection functions. Its BMS and EMS intelligent protection adopts a new A-grade lithium iron phosphate battery with excellent safety performance; the metal shell is waterproof and explosion-proof. The modular stacking design makes this battery easy to expand and is compatible with various energy storage inverters in the market.

The system can be used in off-grid and grid-connected systems for residential users, small farming and commercial, and electric vehicle charging, among others. When the home energy storage battery is fully charged, it can provide the electricity consumption of an average household for 1-3 days, and can basically deal with scenarios such as power outages or off-peak electricity consumption.

In addition, this battery also supports UPS function, 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, full power continuous output guarantee, and safe use of electricity. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has a long lifespan. The battery usage rate is as high as more than 95%; the number of cycles is more than 6000 times. This battery also has a multifunctional design, with LED display, beautiful appearance, ON/OFF switch control output. Bottom universal wheel design, easy to install, natural placement.


In short, the high-voltage home energy storage battery is a battery that is safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to expand, flexible in capacity selection, strong in compatibility, supports UPS functions, and multi-functional in design. It provides users with an excellent energy storage solution.