Manufacturer of Battery Energy Storage Systems and Solar Photovoltaic energy storage Solutions
Designed to solve power outages and restrictions
About Us

            Nalesa is a well-known manufacturer of solar hybrid inverter integrated domestic battery energy storage system in China.The company is located in Building 2(13,900 square meters)of Songshan Lake Robot Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park,Dongguan City.It is a service-oriented new energy high-tech enterprise with R&D solution technology as the core,market and brand as the guidance.Our products are manufactured in-house, controlling every aspect of quality and functionality. We can also customize battery energy storage systems and solar inverters according to your energy projects to help you realize the concept of clean energy. Our product portfolio includes self-developed high-voltage battery energy storage systems, mobile power stations, home energy storage systems, inverters, etc.

Product Features
High security, waterproof grade IP65, off-grid and grid-connected, stackable modular design all-in-one machine, easy to install, flexible configuration, easy to expand, 6000 cycles, 10 standard warranty, conditional extension to 15 years.
  • Base on solar energy
    Base on solar energy
  • Stacking modular design
    Stackable modular design all-in-one machine, easy to install, floor-mounted installation, quick plug-in
  • High security
    The lithium iron phosphate square shell chemical system is used, only for safety, and the waterproof level is IP65
  • Long life, high cycle
    6000 cycles, 10 standard warranty, conditionally extended to 15 years
Product Application
★ Household self-generated electricity for self-use

★ Peak load shifting

★ Input priority

★ Standby mode

★ EPS status
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