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800W Micro Inverter 1.9kWh Balcony Solar generator


Battery Type:Lithium iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Operating voltage range :48.0v35 v-54.75v

Standard charge current:20A (0.5c)

Standard discharge current:20A (0.5c)

Energy capacity :1920 wh

Battery capacity:40A

1.9kWh Balcony Solar Storage System

According to relevant surveys, more than 1 million households in Germany have installed balcony solar power generation systems, and the number of users with balcony solar batteries is almost zero. At present, the demand for balcony energy storage lithium battery systems is very potential in the future.

Nalesa's newly designed and developed balcony solar battery system, with capacities of 1.9 KWH and 3 KWH respectively, are a combination of energy storage batteries and solar panels. It converts solar energy captured by solar panels into electricity, which can then be stored in a portable power station for later use. It can meet the daily electricity needs of the family, can provide you with renewable clean energy, and reduce your dependence on the grid. The 1.9kwh portable solar generator can not only solve your home electricity, but also the solar generator is a reliable and clean power source for campers, RVS, or emergency backup power in the event of a power outage.

Our 1.9kWh Balcony Solar Storage System include:

800W micro inverter * 1pcs

1.9kWh lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery * 1pc

photovoltaic cable

Housing with wheels

1.9kWh Balcony Solar Storage Systems integrate seamlessly with micro-inverters, simplifying the installation process for users and optimizing space utilization. Our systems are fully equipped to meet your daily power needs. The system uses clean solar energy via solar panels to power your home directly via micro-inverters. Any excess energy is efficiently stored in the battery. The lightweight body can be placed on your balcony or inside a room or even in a small space, and can be stacked up to three. Its compact design is not limited to home use; Due to its portability and pulley design, 1.9kWh Balcony Solar Storage System can also provide off-grid power for outdoor equipment, which can be placed on your car, allowing you to light and supply electrical appliances at any time when camping, enhancing the fun of outdoor activities. Request a quote now!

1.9kWh Balcony Solar Storage System Technical parameter table:

1.9kWh Balcony Solar Storage System

Off-grid inverter output protection features: 15V battery input power failure protection, maximum 30V battery input overvoltage protection point, 29V battery input overvoltage protection recovery point. 20.5V battery input undervoltage protection point, 22.5V battery input undervoltage protection recovery point, overtemperature protection, inverter output overload protection.

Our Strength-Nalesa Advantages

Nalesa has complete certifications including TUV, CE, IEC, and UN38.3, which meet the certification requirements in different markets.

High quality LiFePO4 battery, 10 year warranty, 6000+ cycles, 90% capacity. Extremely safe and stable LiFePO4 battery with over 6,000 ultra-long charge and discharge cycles.

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