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Off Grid Hybrid Solar Home Portable Generator micro Inverter

Rated output power: 800w

Output voltage range:176 V-260 v / 230 v

Adaptive output frequency:50 hz / 60 Hz 

Power factor:0.95pf-1pf

IP class:IP65

Display:    LCD/App


Certification and standards EN62109-1&2, EN62477-1, EN6204-1, EN62933-5-2, VDE2510-50, VDE4105, VDE0126, VDE0124, VDE4110, VDE4102 IECIEN61000 IEC60529 1973

Micro inverter 800W solar inverter IP65 hybrid grid-connected micro inverter

     Solar microinverters are compact units that connect directly to each solar module, making the entire solar power generation system more efficient, reliable, and capable than a central "string" inverter system. The solar microinverters operate at an overall efficiency of more than 96%, converting power at the module level rather than the array level. This allows micro-inverter PV systems to produce up to 16% more energy output compared to string inverters.

     Inverters are an essential part of any solar system, converting direct current (DC) from solar panels into alternating current (AC) used by household appliances. Traditionally, solar systems have utilized a single centralized "string" inverter. Now, micro inverters now offer a very attractive option.

     Typically, a solar micro inverter will be connected to each module (panel). Each micro-inverter works independently in the system to maximize efficiency.


Inverter specifications:




* The advanced MPPT algorithm is used to optimize the power collection of solar panels. It can accurately capture and collect sunlight, and lock the maximum output power point, significantly increasing the power generation. With the monitoring system, it can help you monitor the power generation efficiency of the power station and reduce labor costs.

* With efficient reverse power transmission technology, the power transmission rate is as high as 99.9%. Full digital control can be achieved through the user interface

*IP65 waterproof design, can effectively prevent rain erosion on the surface. It provides electrical isolation and is more reliable to use. It has over current protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, over high voltage protection and other protection functions.

* Light weight, easy installation, multiple inverters can be stacked arbitrarily to form single-phase parallel


The traditional center series inverter system has a single point of failure. If a simple problem occurs with the inverter, solar energy production will completely stop, resulting in power loss. In contrast, placing a micro-inverter per module provides a highly reliable power optimizer and solar output source. If one of the microinverters fails, the rest continue to operate.

Using a micro inverter can be a smart way to avoid reducing production due to sun blocking. Microinverters allow each solar panel to operate independently (rather than limiting production to the weakest solar modules like a central string inverter).

With the blessing of technological progress, the single-watt cost of micro-inverters is also decreasing. As the industry puts forward higher requirements for the safety, system efficiency and intelligent operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations, micro-inverters will be more widely used.

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