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Nalesa Just Launched 3kwh Solar Energy Storage for Balconies

Balcony energy storage system is a light energy storage system developed in recent years, which can meet the needs of household energy storage power supply. Can be directly connected to the solar power panel, is a photovoltaic power generation battery generator, this household energy storage device thickness is moderate, with light weight, thin size plus intelligent screen design and operating system, can be placed in your balcony or any corner of the house without taking up space, can be used as a home energy storage battery, can also be used as an outdoor power supply, It's your portable power station.


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Will you install solar power panels at home and then purchase a battery energy storage system to store the electricity for use? Nalesa Just Launched 3kwh Solar Energy Storage for Balconies can well solve your daily electricity needs. You can choose stacked or wall-mounted battery packs, but are they too heavy or inconvenient to install? Do you need a product that can not only solve your power consumption problems but is also compact and convenient? Whether you have a house or a Renting an apartment can meet your needs without taking up too much space.

This is a new balcony energy storage battery newly launched by our company. Its main feature is that it is lightweight and convenient. It is an energy storage product developed for balconies. Balcony energy storage has become a trend in Europe as everyone - whether they own their own home or not - starts installing solar panels to beat soaring energy costs. Balcony energy storage systems are suitable for anyone who rents or lives in an apartment without fixed panels covering the roof. The heart of the system is a microinverter, which can be connected to lightweight solar panels of up to 800W. The panels can be attached to balcony railings or placed on a flat patio or garden - we also supply all the necessary brackets. The solar panels connect to the built-in microinverter primarily through a small hole, via cable, which should help most people avoid any drilling. The sun's energy is converted from DC to AC and redirected to your home's power supply.

Balcony Solar Storage System Technical Parameters:

Balcony energy storage all-in-one systemNalesa-800W-3072Wh
Battery typeLFP (LiFePO4)
Nominal Voltage51.2V
Operating Voltage Range40V-58.4V
Standard charge current30A (0.5C)
Standard discharge current30A (0.5C)
Battery Capacity60Ah
Energy Capacity3072Wh
PV String Input
Maximum input power850W
rated power input800W
Max.  DC Voltage57V
MPPT Working voltage range12V-57V
Starting Voltage2V
One MPPT Input Current 12A
Maximum Input Current15A
Number of MPPT Tracker2
Strings Per MPPT Tracker1
AC Output (Grid)
Rated Output Power800
Output Voltage Range215V-245V/230V,   L/N/PE
Adaptive Output Frequency 50Hz/60H
Total Harmonic Distortion3%,<6%
Non-Linear Load Capacity800VA
Mechanical ParametersDimensions W x H x D620mm*1000mm*110mm

The size of this newly designed balcony energy storage system is 1000*620*110mm, the rated input power is 800W, and the stored power is 3Kwh, which can basically meet all the needs of household appliances. The entire system has anti-islanding protection, charge and discharge overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and a hot aerosol fire extinguishing device. Safety is absolutely guaranteed.


The entire device is IP65 rated (dustproof and waterproof), and the battery is automatically heated and can work in freezing temperatures. This makes the kit suitable for mounting on an outdoor wall, for example, as long as there is an eave providing basic protection from the sun and rain, allowing you to continuously store energy.

How Does a balcony energy storage system Work?

Nalesa Balcony Solar Generators convert sunlight into direct current and act as a solar system on your balcony. The direct current is stored in the generator and converted into usable alternating current. You can easily use this electricity to power your devices and appliances. It’s that simple. No need for confusing converters, adapters, or similar electrical devices. With the Nalesa Balcony Solar System, the electricity generated is also automatically fed into the power grid when your storage is full.

Benefits For Installing A Residential Battery Energy Storage System On A Balcony In The Apartment

1. Space Saving

In Europe, where the living spaces are small, having a battery storage system installed on the apartment balcony is a space-saving solution. The balcony is an ideal location for a battery storage system as it does not take up any additional space in the apartment. The Home Solar System can be installed on the wall or the floor of the balcony, depending on the size and weight of the system, as well as the ease of installation.

2. Energy Independence

A battery storage device installed on the balcony of an European city flat gives energy independence. Excess energy generated by solar panels can be stored in the battery storage system. The solar system may already exist, and the battery system can be added later, or the entire solar kit, including the battery system, to be installed at the same time. It is a great way to discharge a battery for power supply plus solar system during peak hours or when there is a power outage. This gives the apartment owner energy independence, since they no longer have to rely on the grid for their energy demands.

3. Cost Savings

With a Residential Battery, the excess energy generated by solar panels can be stored in the battery storage system, which can be used during peak hours. This savings the bill by reducing the need to buy energy from the grid. Additionally, the Home Solar System can be charged during off-peak hours when the electricity rates are low, in an attempt to providing further cost savings.Solar System Home Power stores energy from the electricity grid or solar, and works together with an inverter to output AC power in case of power failure, and help save electricity bill by solar self-consumption or peak-shaving.

4. Easy Installation

Installing a Solar Energy Storage System for Balconies of a city apartment in Europe is very easy. The Quick Connect Terminal is straightforward for docking to achieve the connection for power and communication, so it’s easy to plug and play without additional wiring.

Why is Nalesa Balcony Solar Systems so popular? 

Nalesa Balcony Power Storage is an innovative energy storage solution aimed at providing residents with self-sufficiency and storage capability for renewable energy.

The Nalesa Balcony Power Storage System is a small, modular energy storage device typically installed on balconies of residential or apartment buildings. Balcony Solar Energy Storage Batteries consist of solar panels, battery storage units, and inverters. The solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into electricity, while the battery storage units store excess energy for use during nighttime or peak energy demand. The inverters convert the direct current (DC) energy into alternating current (AC) electricity for residents' use or injection into the grid.

The advantages of the Nalesa Storage System for Balcony lie in its flexibility and ease of installation. Due to its smaller scale, Solar Energy Storage for Balconies can adapt to various types of residences, including apartments and detached houses. Furthermore, the modular design of this system allows residents to expand or reduce it according to their energy needs. The system is equipped with an intelligent control system that monitors energy production and usage, optimizing it as required.

The aim of the Nalesa Balcony Power Storage system is to maximize the utilization of renewable energy and reduce residents' dependence on the traditional power grid. By storing solar energy locally, residents can make better use of renewable sources, reduce carbon emissions, and maintain partial independence during power outages or grid failures.

Balcony Energy Storage does greatly facilitate the lives of people within cities, especially high-density cities, because such areas don't run outdoors to build a house or have a house of their own somewhere, as off-grid users used to do, and they can just use the terrain to design their solar energy storage systems in a way that people living in flats would never be able to do so. Today, it is perfectly possible.

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