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3kwh Home Solar System with Battery Storage

         This is a balcony plug and play energy storage system specially installed on apartment balconies, it is a compact,       lightweight battery that can store electricity converted from solar energy for residential use.

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At home, energy power is everything. Keeping the lights on at night to bring you light, finding savings for your family and fresh food in the fridge, and turning on the TV to enjoy is not just a luxury. It represents security, freedom and control. Adding a battery to your residential solar system can guarantee future safety and savings.

Nalesa-800w-3072w is the latest easy-to-install balcony solar storage system that enables you to optimize your energy use and reduce your electricity bill.

Balcony energy storage lights up your green life

With the development of science and technology, our lives are increasingly inseparable from electricity. 

In order to meet the growing energy demand while achieving sustainable development, balcony energy storage technology has emerged. 

Balcony energy storage not only brings convenience to our lives, but is also an environmentally friendly and energy-saving green lifestyle.

What is balcony energy storage?

Balcony energy storage is a green energy solution that converts renewable energy such as solar energy into electrical energy and stores it. 

By installing energy storage equipment on the balcony, we can store electricity during the day and use the stored electricity at night to meet the home's electricity needs.

 This technology not only helps save energy but also reduces environmental pollution.

Advantages of balcony energy storage:

1. Environmental protection: Balcony energy storage uses renewable energy, which reduces dependence on traditional fossils,

 helps reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, and protects the environment.

2. Energy saving: By storing electrical energy, balcony energy storage equipment can solve the problem of imbalance between power supply and demand and avoid power waste. 

At night or on cloudy days, when solar power generation is insufficient, the stored electrical energy can ensure the normal power needs of the family.

3. Economical: Although the initial investment of the balcony energy storage system is relatively large, in the long run, it can save electricity costs. 

With the advancement of technology and large-scale production, 

the price of balcony energy storage systems is gradually decreasing, making this green energy solution more attractive.

4. Convenience: The balcony energy storage system is easy to install and easy to use. 

Users can remotely control and manage the system through smart devices or mobile APPs, and understand the operating status and power consumption of the system at any time.

How to choose a balcony energy storage system?

1. Understand the needs: When choosing a balcony energy storage system, you first need to clarify your needs. 

Different households have different needs and storage capacity for electric energy, and they need to be selected according to the actual situation.

2. Quality and energy efficiency: Choose energy storage equipment with reliable quality to ensure the stability and safety of the system. 

At the same time, focus on the energy efficiency and lifespan of equipment to achieve long-term economic benefits.

3. Consider installation conditions: When selecting a balcony energy storage system, you need to consider factors such as the orientation of the balcony,

 lighting conditions, and space size to ensure that the system can fully function.

4. Understand policy support: Many countries and regions have introduced policies to support the development of green energy. 

If you pay attention to policy support, you can enjoy tax incentives and other benefits.

As a green and environmentally friendly energy solution, balcony energy storage is gradually entering our lives. 

Not only can it meet our electricity needs, it is also a sustainable way of life. 

Let us join the ranks of balcony energy storage and contribute to the earth!


Balcony energy storage all-in-one systemNalesa-800W-3072Wh
Battery typeLFP(LiFePO4)
Nominal Voltage51.2V
Operating Voltage Range40V~58.4V
Standard charge current30A(0.5C)
Standard discharge current30A(0.5C)
Battery Capacity60Ah
Energy Capacity3072Wh
Maximum input power850W
Rated power input800W
Max.DC Voltage57V
MPPT Working voltage range12V-57V
Starting Voltage12V
One MPPT Input Current12V
Maximum Input Current15A
Number of MPPT Tracker2
Strings Per MPPT Tracker1
Rated Output Power800W
Output Voltage Range176V-260V/230V,L/N/PE
Adaptive Output Frequency50Hz/60Hz

Certifications and Standards:

EN62109-182,   EN62477-1,   EN62040-1,   EN62933-5-2,   VDE2510-50,   VDE4105,VDE0126,   VDE0124,VDE4110.

VDE4102.IEC/EN61000.  IEC60529UL1973.

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