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Best Portable Power Stations-Nalesa 1.9kwh battery storage

Power station

Charge your power station with solar or AC power and enjoy a long-lasting, 

fade free, gas free, engine free, emissions-free portable power source.

       Nalesa-1900w is a miniature intelligent energy storage system designed for balcony solar systems and other microstorage scenarios. With a storage capacity of 1.99 KWH, it meets your daily energy usage, plug and play, and is super easy to install.

Compatible with 99% apartment balcony solar system, garden solar system, small carport solar system. It stores the surplus electricity generated by the balcony solar system during the day and uses it at night when household electricity is needed.

Which portable power station is right for you?

While there are a lot of options, I found the Nalesa 1.9kwh to be a very cost-effective portable power supply overall. This is because Nalesa's products are generally reliable in this field. Large capacity of 1.9kwh, can support and off-grid operation. The white metal casing matches the decor perfectly. It's about the same size and weight as a small microwave oven, and it provides a steady stream of electricity without the noise or exhaust of gas-driven portable generators. Can be placed anywhere in the home. The maximum input and output current of the power station is 15A and the output voltage range is 176V-230V.


Product Overview:

Capacity 1900Wh,

Maximum PV input 1000W, output 0~ 800W adjustable;

6000+ battery cycle, DoD 80%

Easy to install, just plug and play

Size :525 * 357 * 350 mm

APP real-time monitoring

IP65 waterproof and dust-proof, suitable for balconies and outdoor

10 year warranty

From campsites and hiking trips to working in rural locations, portable power stations offer secure off-the-grid electricity capable of everything from mobile phone charging to running household appliances. With a rechargeable battery built inside, these units offer a quieter, cheaper alternative to gas generators and even the best laptop power banks

Nalesa-1900w mainly adopts IP65 waterproof technology, adopts RS485 interface, starting voltage is 12V, the maximum input current is 12A, has anti-island effect and fire warning, and the operating humidity range is 0-95%.

   The micro inverter constitutes a small grid-connected photovoltaic energy storage system. You can maximize the power generation from the balcony solar panels, using cheap electricity at night. The energy generated by the solar panels during the day flows through the PV Hub and will be converted into alternating current by a micro-inverter to run your home appliances. Any excess energy is intelligently stored in the battery for use at night.

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