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51.2V 800w 3kwh mini residential batteries for balcony


Balcony solar systems are very popular in Germany and are an innovative energy storage solution. 

It can provide residents with self-sufficient storage and use of renewable energy.

 Nalesa balcony energy storage system include:


 3KWH battery 

 Several wires

Additional solar panels are available

This article will discuss what benefits balcony energy storage systems can bring you.

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             solar panel                            Lithium iron phosphate  battery  power station                     Microinverter

Energy storage batteries and micro-inverters plus solar panels make for a flexible and economical balcony power plant.

Balcony energy storage is now very popular in Germany, which is very market. In particular, the 800-watt energy storage system, which is a small modular energy storage device, can be installed on the balcony without taking up additional space. The electricity converted by the solar panel is converted into alternating current through the inverter for direct electrical use. The battery storage unit stores excess energy for use at night and during peak energy demands.

Nalesa's self-developed balcony energy storage lithium battery is a good energy storage system with solar panels, the system built-in an 800-watt micro inverterand a 3kwh lithium battery, this powerwall uses white design, closer to the color of household appliances in life, the size of the product is 620*115*900mm, the weight is 60KG. Can be compared with an adult (see the picture below) the size is moderate, two people can easily lift, because only 115mm width, very thin, you can hang it on the wall, of course, directly through the tripe placed on the horizontal ground will be better, do not take up too much space.


Place in the corner of the balcony without taking up too much space

Mini powerwall parameters:

Nominal voltage:51.2V                                              Battery capacity:60A

Energy capacity :3072kwh                                        Standard charging current :30A

AC Output ( Grid )

Rated Output Power:800W                                    Output Voltage Range:176V-260V/230V,L/N/PE

Adaptive Output Frequency:50Hz/60Hz            Power Factor:0.95PF-1PF

Backup Output(Off-Grid)

Rated Output Power:1200W                                Output Voltage Range:215V-245V/230V,L/N/PE

Adaptive Output Frequency:50Hz/60Hz          Power Factor:0.95PF-1PF

Non-Linear Load Capacity:800VA

Similar to Tesla's powerwall, our balcony energy storage battery acts as a smart home storage battery that ensures you have a reliable backup power source to keep your home running smoothly and comfortably, whether during extreme weather events or periods of high demand. You can also use your phone connection to monitor and manage your energy storage in real time. Seamlessly optimize your energy use, schedule charging during off-peak hours, and even prioritize specific devices to maximize efficiency and savings.



How long can 3KWH of electricity be used?

The 3kwh capacity of the battery is enough to use a light bulb for 100 hours, a refrigerator for 10 hours, a laptop for 30 hours, a mobile phone for 100 hours, and can provide an electric car to drive 80 kilometers, and can play TV for 30 hours. So when the energy storage battery is used at night, 3kwh can also be enough to provide for the use of various electrical appliances.

The balcony power storage system maximizes the use of renewable energy and reduces residents' dependence on traditional power grids. By storing solar energy locally, residents can make better use of renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and maintain some independence in the event of power outages or grid failures.

So it's not for nothing that the concept has exploded, and it has really greatly facilitated the lives of people in cities, especially high-density cities, because these areas don't run outside to build houses or own their own houses

You deserve a cost-effective balcony energy storage battery to solve your energy problems.

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