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Solar Hybrid System with 10kw 30kw Solar Panel System Provided by Lithium Battery Energy Storage System

All-in-One Battery Features:

 ■   High safety: intelligent output constant voltage technology, the use of lithium iron phosphate chemical body is only for  afety, 100Ah. Compact module design volume energy density industry-leading, BMS management system, intelligent   ithium battery protection.

■   Long service life: 10-year battery warranty, 10,000 cycle life.

■    Flexible configuration and easy expansion: Stacking expansion, 5-35KWh energy can be selected according to needs, and the maximum parallel expansion can reach 35KWh.

■   EMS system, mobile APP monitoring: charging, discharging, and power management are clear at a glance.

■   SOC breathing light: the status is displayed in real time.

■   Easy and safe installation: No special tools are required for installation, the aviation fool-proof socket design prevents the  risk of short circuit, and the socket is IP67 insulation protection to ensure the safety of installation and users.

■   Photovoltaic + energy storage + inverter integrated design: an efficient and integrated energy solution for households   and businesses.

30kwh Lithium Battery All In One Energy Storage Syetem

Nalesa Photovoltaic Energy Storage All-in-One – a groundbreaking solution that brings efficiency, sustainability, and convenience to the forefront of your energy management. This state-of-the-art system is designed to seamlessly integrate photovoltaic technology with an All-in-One Battery, offering a comprehensive energy storage solution for your home or business.

Photovoltaic Energy Storage All-in-One Technical Parameters:

Input voltage range of battery240-350.4V
Rated voltage of battery pack307.2V
Total number of batteries6
Dimensions of battery pack (length * width *height)586*435*10
Complete machine dimensions586*435*17
Voltage range of a single battery40-58.4V
Rated voltage of a single battery51.2V
Capacity of a single battery5.12kwh
Dimensions of battery without bottom wheel(L*W*H)586*435*158mm

Dimensions of battery with bottom wheel


586*435*263mm (including the bottom wheel height of 70 mm)
Net weight of battery without bottom wheel49kg
Net weight of battery with bottom wheel60kg
Maximum charge/discharge current40A/40A
Battery type LFPLFP
Communication interfacesCAN
Protection gradeIP65
Operating temperature“-15℃~55℃
DescriptionEach battery pack contains 1 battery with a bottom wheel and several batteries without a bottom wheel

Key Features of Photovoltaic Energy Storage All-in-One:

◎ All-in-One Battery Technology: Our Photovoltaic Energy Storage All-in-One is equipped with advanced All-in-One Battery technology, offering a unified solution for capturing, storing, and utilizing solar energy. This streamlined design ensures optimal performance and ease of use.

◎ Efficient Solar Integration: Harness the power of the sun with unparalleled efficiency. The Photovoltaic Energy Storage All-in-One maximizes the potential of your solar panels, capturing and storing excess energy for use during periods of low sunlight or as a reliable backup power source.

◎ Compact and Space-Saving: Experience the benefits of a comprehensive energy solution without sacrificing space. The compact design of our All-in-One Battery system allows for easy installation in a variety of settings, making it an ideal fit for both residential and commercial applications.

◎ User-Friendly Interface: Take control of your energy consumption with our intuitive user interface. Monitor your energy production, storage levels, and consumption patterns with ease, putting you in charge of your power usage.

◎ Reliable and Sustainable: Built with reliability and sustainability in mind, our Photovoltaic Energy Storage All-in-One ensures a consistent and eco-friendly energy supply. Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

Embrace a greener and more sustainable future with our Photovoltaic Energy Storage All-in-One. Experience the synergy of efficient solar power generation and advanced battery technology, all seamlessly integrated into one powerful solution. Make the switch to clean, reliable, and self-sufficient energy with our All-in-One Battery system.

Photovoltaic Energy Storage All-in-One

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