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10KW 30kwh Commercial Energy Storage Batteries


■   With a solar hybrid inverter, there is no need to install additional inverters, saving costs.

■   Cabinet design and movable base with wheels for easy movement

■   High safety: IP65 waterproof function,intelligent output constant voltage technology, the use of lithium iron phosphate chemical body is only for  afety, 100Ah. Compact module design volume energy density industry-leading, BMS management system, intelligent   ithium battery protection.

■   Long service life: 10-year battery warranty, 90% depth of discharge,10,000 cycle life.

■    Flexible configuration and easy expansion: Stacking expansion, 5-35KWh energy can be selected according to needs, and the maximum parallel expansion can reach 35KWh.

■   EMS system, mobile APP monitoring: charging, discharging, and power management are clear at a glance.

■  Wide range of temperature resistance: charging temperature 0-55 degrees Celsius, discharge temperature -15-55 degrees Celsius

10KW 30kwh Commercial Battery Energy Storage Systems

The 10KW 30kwh Battery Energy Storage System is an integrated solution that integrates photovoltaics, energy storage, and inverters to realize "photovoltaic + energy storage". The system adopts a modular design, which can realize flexible configuration of photovoltaics, batteries and loads. Through intelligent algorithms, photovoltaic energy is preferentially allocated to energy storage batteries or loads for power supply, satisfying multi-scenario applications on the user side. It has an optional AC source, an intelligent management system for AC chargers and photovoltaic charging controllers, and an energy management system for the AC output, which ensures the normal use of electricity for customers to the greatest extent and reduces the cost of electricity for customers.


The Battery Energy Storage System includes a photovoltaic energy storage hybrid inverter, CATL energy storage battery module, wireless communication module and display screen, and is equipped with BMS and EMS to realize data monitoring, early warning and control. Nalesa's cutting-edge 10KW 30kWh Battery Energy Storage System is tailored for commercial applications, this robust energy storage system seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Solar Battery Home Energy Storage Systems Technical Parameters

Number of phasesThree phase
Rated output power8000W10000W12000W
maximum apparent power8800VA11000VA13200VA
Maximum output current12.7A15.9A19.1A
Single battery pack capacity5.12kWh
The number of batteries can be expanded3~93~94~9
Optional capacity range15.36~46.08kWh15.36~46.08kWh20.48~46.08kWh
Battery TypeLithium iron phosphate
Battery voltage range125V~600V125V~600V125V~600V
Grid voltage range360V~440V360V~440V360V~440V

30kwh Battery Energy Storage System Parameters:

Input voltage range of battery240-350.4V
Rated voltage of battery pack307.2V
Total number of batteries6
Dimensions of battery pack (length * width * height)586*435*10
Complete machine dimensions586*435*17
Voltage range of a single battery40-58.4V
Rated voltage of a single battery51.2V
Capacity of a single battery5.12kwh
Dimensions of battery without bottom wheel(L*W*H)586*435*158mm
Dimensions of battery with bottom wheel (L*W*H)586*435*263mm (including the bottom wheel height of 70 mm)
Net weight of battery without bottom wheel49kg
Net weight of battery with bottom wheel60kg
Maximum charge/discharge current40A/40A
Battery type LFPLFP
Communication interfacesCAN
Protection gradeIP65
Operating temperature“-15℃~55℃
DescriptionEach battery pack contains 1 battery with a bottom wheel and several batteries without a bottom wheel

Nalesa 10KW 30kWh Commercial Energy Storage Battery – the ultimate solution for businesses looking to optimize their energy usage and reduce costs. Our advanced battery energy storage system (BESS) is designed to provide reliable and efficient energy storage, making it an ideal choice for commercial applications.

With a powerful 10KW output and a massive 30kWh capacity, this energy storage system can meet the demands of even the most energy-intensive businesses. Whether you're looking to store excess energy generated by solar panels or simply want to ensure a stable power supply during peak demand periods, our 10KW 30kWh BESS has got you covered. Get a quote!

Key Features:

● High-Powered Performance: With a formidable 10KW output and a capacious 30kWh storage capacity, Nalesa's commercial energy storage batteries are engineered to meet the demands of modern businesses. Experience consistent and reliable power supply for your operations.

● Versatile Applications: Whether you're aiming to reduce peak demand charges, integrate renewable energy sources, or ensure uninterrupted power during outages, our Battery Energy Storage System is designed to adapt to your specific energy management needs.

● Smart Energy Management: Harness the power of intelligent energy management with Nalesa. Our system employs state-of-the-art technology to optimize energy usage, allowing you to maximize cost savings and minimize environmental impact.

● Scalable Design: Nalesa understands that businesses grow and evolve. Our energy storage system is scalable, providing the flexibility to expand your storage capacity as your energy requirements increase.

● Efficient Space Utilization: Designed with a compact footprint, Nalesa's commercial energy storage solution maximizes space utilization, making it an ideal choice for businesses where real estate is at a premium.

● Other Features:

– 10KW output and 30kWh capacity for maximum energy storage and utilization

– Advanced lithium-ion battery technology for long lifespan and high efficiency

– Easy integration with existing power systems and smart grids

– Remote monitoring and control capabilities for effortless management

– Customizable solutions to meet the specific needs of your business

Why Choose Nalesa:

● Proven Expertise: With a track record of delivering high-performance energy storage solutions, Nalesa is a trusted name in the industry.

● Reliability and Durability: Our batteries are built to last, featuring robust construction and cutting-edge technology to ensure long-term reliability.

● Energy Efficiency: Nalesa is committed to sustainability. Our Battery Energy Storage System is designed to enhance energy efficiency, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Ready to elevate your energy management capabilities? Contact Nalesa today to explore how our 10KW 30kWh Commercial Energy Storage Batteries can empower your business with reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions.


1: How to insatll and use the 10kw 30kwh commercial battery energy storage systems?
We have the English teaching manual and videos; All the videos about every step of machine Disassembly, assembly, operation will be sent to our customers.

2. Can you test each battery PRIOR to shipping?
We will test all the battery Voltage and Internal resistance before shipping.

3. Can you get the solar inverter or storage systems customized for us?
Of course, brand name, machine color, and designed unique patterns available for customization.

4. How to become your agent?
Contact us now, we will give you the best price and look forward to your greetings

By investing in the Nalesa 10KW 30kWh Commercial Energy Storage Battery, you'll not only reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources but also enjoy significant cost savings in the long run. Don't wait any longer to take control of your energy usage – choose Nalesa and experience the benefits of our state-of-the-art BESS today!

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