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10KW 30KWH High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery Energy Storage System

Multiple protection systems for safe use of electricity:

●. System safety :reverse connection protection, night anti-reverse charge protection, mains input over/under voltage protection, load output short circuit protection, heat sink over wet protection, overload protection and other multiple protection to protect the operation of the equipment.

●  Battery safety Battery built-in automatic fire extinguishing device, 6 sets of high-precision temperature probe, can simultaneously monitor the performance of 16 pre-batteries, so that the BMS system display more accurate data, achieve better safety protection strategy, improve the cycle life of the battery.

●Safety of the load :Intelligent wide voltage range identification shock resistance, long-term output constant voltage, can prevent damage to household appliances due to grid voltage fluctuations. Security risks such as short circuit caused by power grid voltage fluctuation.

●Safe use: The supporting APP is connected with the EMS system to display the running status of the device in the form of a visual chart. Achieve product monitoring, equipment control and remote fault maintenance, like a handheld computer, safe and convenient to use

30kwh hybrid inverter power station solar battery home energy storage systems

The smart photovoltaic battery energy storage all-in-one is an integrated solution that integrates photovoltaics, energy storage, and inverters to realize "photovoltaic + energy storage". The High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery Energy Storage System adopts a modular design, which can realize flexible configuration of photovoltaics, batteries and loads. Through intelligent algorithms, photovoltaic energy is preferentially allocated to energy storage batteries or loads for power supply, satisfying multi-scenario applications on the user side. It has an optional AC source, an intelligent management system for AC chargers and photovoltaic charging controllers, and an energy management system for the AC output, which ensures the normal use of electricity for customers to the greatest extent and reduces the cost of electricity for customers.

The main application scenarios of Smart Photovoltaic Battery Energy Storage All-in-One:

● Family house solar power system access or backup power supply

● Outdoor Agricultural Energy Storage

● Small Business Backup Power

● Charging an Electric Car

High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery Energy Storage System Technical Parameters:

Number of phasesThree phase
Rated output power8000W10000W12000W
maximum apparent power8800VA11000VA13200VA
Maximum output current12.7A15.9A19.1A
Single battery pack capacity5.12kWh
The number of batteries can be expanded3~93~94~9
Optional capacity range15.36~46.08kWh15.36~46.08kWh20.48~46.08kWh
Battery TypeLithium iron phosphate
Battery voltage range125V~600V125V~600V125V~600V
Grid voltage range360V~440V360V~440V360V~440V

Battery pack parameter:

Input voltage range of battery240-350.4V
Rated voltage of battery pack307.2V
Total number of batteries6
Dimensions of battery pack (length * width * height)586*435*1053mm
Complete machine dimensions586*435*1765mm
Voltage range of a single battery40-58.4V
Rated voltage of a single battery51.2V
Capacity of a single battery5.12kwh
Dimensions of battery without bottomwheel(L*W*H)586*435*158mm
Dimensions of battery with bottom wheel (L*W*H)586*435*263mm (including the bottom wheel height of 70 mm)
Net weight of battery without bottom wheel49kg
Net weight of battery with bottom wheel60kg
Maximum charge/discharge current40A/40A
Battery type LFPLFP
Communication interfacesCAN
Protection gradeIP65
Operating temperature“-15℃~55℃
DescriptionEach battery pack contains 1 battery with a bottom wheel and several batteries without a bottom wheel


The Smart Photovoltaic Battery Energy Storage All-in-One is a versatile and scalable energy storage solution designed for residential or small-scale commercial applications. →To view other products please click here

High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery Energy Storage System Features and Benefits:

● Stackable Design: The Smart Photovoltaic Battery Energy Storage All-in-One is stackable, allowing for easy expansion of the energy storage capacity. Users can add multiple power cans to meet their increasing energy demands over time. This scalability makes it a flexible solution that can adapt to changing energy needs.

● PV Integration: The high voltage stacked lithium battery energy storage system seamlessly integrates with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, allowing for the direct storage of solar energy. This enables users to maximize the utilization of clean, renewable energy and reduce reliance on the grid.

● Efficient Energy Storage: The power can utilizes advanced battery technology to efficiently store energy. High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery Energy Storage System can capture excess solar energy generated during the day and store it for use during the night or during periods of low solar generation. This helps to optimize energy usage and reduce reliance on grid electricity.

● Floor Type Design: The floor type design of the power can provides stability and ease of installation. High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery Energy Storage System can be placed on the floor, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. The design also ensures efficient use of space, making it ideal for residential environments.

● Power Output: The power can offers a reliable power output, enabling users to run various appliances and devices during grid outages or periods of high energy demand. This provides backup power and helps to maintain continuity of essential services.

● User-Friendly Interface: The power can features a user-friendly interface that allows users to monitor and control the system easily. High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery Energy Storage System provides real-time data on energy storage levels, charging status, and power output, enabling users to make informed decisions about their energy usage.

● Safety and Protection: The power can incorporates safety features such as overcharge and over-discharge protection, as well as short-circuit protection. These features help to safeguard the batteries and ensure safe operation of the system.

● Versatile Applications: The Smart Photovoltaic Battery Energy Storage All-in-One is suitable for various applications, including residential homes, small businesses, and off-grid installations. It can provide backup power, reduce electricity bills, and contribute to a more sustainable energy future.

The Smart Photovoltaic Battery Energy Storage All-in-One offers a scalable, efficient, and user-friendly energy storage solution. With its ability to integrate with solar PV panels, versatile applications, and stackable design, it provides a flexible and reliable power source for residential and small-scale commercial needs. Request a free quote!

About Nalesa

Nalesa offer complete solar power system solution with free design.

● Solar energy systems follow the standard of CE, TUV, IEC, VDE, CEC,UL,CSA,,,etc.

● Solar power system output voltage can 110V, 120V, 120/240V, 220V,230V, 240V, 380V,400V,480V.

● OEM and ODM all acceptable.

● 5 Years complete solar system warranty.


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2.Can you test each battery PRIOR to shipping?
We will test all the battery Voltage and Internal resistance before shipping.

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Of course, brand name, machine color, and designed unique patterns available for customization.
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