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5kwh-40kwh Home Energy Scotland Battery Storage

 ■   High safety: intelligent output constant voltage technology, the use of lithium iron phosphate chemical body is only for  afety, 100Ah. Compact module design volume energy density industry-leading, BMS management system, intelligent   ithium battery protection.

■   Long service life: 10-year battery warranty, 10,000 cycle life.

■    Flexible configuration and easy expansion: Stacking expansion, 5-35KWh energy can be selected according to needs, and the maximum parallel expansion can reach 35KWh.

■   EMS system, mobile APP monitoring: charging, discharging, and power management are clear at a glance.

■   SOC breathing light: the status is displayed in real time.

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way to store and manage your home's energy? Look no further! Our Home Energy Scotland Battery Storage System is here to revolutionize the way you power your home.

With a capacity ranging from 5kWh to 40kWh, our Battery Energy Storage System is designed to meet your unique energy needs. Whether you're looking to reduce your electricity bills, achieve energy independence, or simply have a backup power source during outages, our Stacked Energy Storage Batteries have you covered.

The Stacked Energy Storage Batteries offer unparalleled flexibility and reliability. Whether you want to store excess solar energy during the day for use at night or prepare for unexpected power outages, our state-of-the-art technology has you covered. It's not just a battery; it's a smart energy management solution that puts you in control.

Home Energy Battery Storage Technical parameter:


Nominal capacity (Ah)100Ah100Ah100Ah100Ah100Ah
Nominal energy (kWh)1520253035
Rated output voltage (V)220V~240V400V400V400V400V
Battery power5.12kWh*35.12kWh*45.12kWh*55.12kWh*65.12kWh*7
Maximum continuous charge/discharge current (A)50/5050/5050/5050/5050/50
Maximum charge/discharge power5KW10KW10KW10KW10KW
Dimensions (W*D*H) (cm)58.6*43.5*120.958.6*43.5*136.758.6*43.5*152.558.6*43.5*168.358.6*43.5*184.1
Weight (kg)about 231kgabout 286kgabout 341kgabout 396kgabout 451kg
Display screenTouch LCD
Waterproof levelIP65
Cell materialLithium iron phosphate
Battery voltage range125V~600V
Grid voltage range170~280V(UPS) 
183~253V (VDE) 
Photovoltaic maximum input power4000W12000W15000W18000W21000W?
Rated grid frequency50HZ/60HZ
Human-computer interactionDisplay/APP
BMS interfaceCAN
Meter communication interfaceRS485
Cloud communication interfaceWIFI/WAN
Operating temperature-20℃~55℃
Relative humidity0-100%
Working altitudeAltitude 2000m without frequency reduction
Cooling methodair cooled

Anti-island protection: 

Our products have the ability to quickly detect isolated islands and immediately disconnect from the grid, and the protection action time should not be greater than 2 seconds.

4ecbe1812763582208138c96faece356.jpgThe whole battery energy storage system includes photovoltaic input reverse protection, battery input reverse protection, insulation resistance test, residual current detection, PV input overvoltage and overflow power, AC output input overvoltage and overflow power, anti-overheating device, anti-overtemperature device and other functions. There is also wave current limiting to improve the reliability and safety of the power system. When the system is short circuit or other abnormal conditions, the wave by wave current limiting can quickly protect the power equipment from overload or damage, so as to ensure the stable operation of the power grid. At the same time, wave limiting can control the current of the power equipment, reduce the energy loss of the system, and improve the energy efficiency of the power system.

Our Hot Sale Battery Energy Storage System - the Stacked Energy Storage Batteries. With a capacity ranging from 5kWh to a robust 40kWh, this cutting-edge energy storage solution is designed to revolutionize the way you manage and optimize your home's energy consumption.

Home Energy Battery Storage Working mode:

1、Self-power generation and self-use (with photovoltaic power)

■ This mode applies to areas featured by low on-grid tariff and high energy price.

■ The power from the photovoltaic generator will be firstly supplied to the local loads and then used to charge
the battery. The redundant power will be outputted to the public grid

2、Self-power generation and self-use (no photovoltaic power)

■ In case of no photovoltaic power, the battery will discharge for the local loads. When the battery capacity is
insufficient, the grid will supply the power.

3、Peak load shifting

■ This mode applies to areas that have a tariff between the peak and valley and users can charge the battery
with the non-peak power.
■ The charge and discharge time can be set flexibly and users can select charge from the grid or not.

4、Input priority

■ This mode applies to areas featured by high on-grid tariff and export control.
■ The power from photovoltaic generator will be firstly supplied to the local loads and then transmitted to the
public grid. The redundant power supply will charge the battery

5、Standby mode

■ This mode applied to areas featured by frequent power outages.
■ When the grid disconnects, this mode ensures the battery has enough energy supply.
■ In this mode, the battery will be mandatorily charged within the preset period and will never discharge
during the grid connection. It allows users to select whether to charge from the grid.

6、EPS status

■ When the grid disconnects, the system will provide an emergency power supply through the photovoltaic
generator or battery and thereby supply power to the household loads.

Stacked Energy Storage Batteries Benefits

Main benefit of Stacked Energy Storage Batteries is that they provide a way to store excess energy generated by renewable sources like solar and wind. Renewable energy sources can be intermittent, so their output doesn't necessarily match energy demand. By storing excess energy generated during peak periods, BESS modules can help ensure that energy is available when needed, even when there is no external power access.

Upgrade your home's energy infrastructure with the Stacked Energy Storage Batteries. Join the eco-conscious revolution and take control of your energy future today. Experience the benefits of our Hot Sale Battery Energy Storage System, and start saving energy and money while reducing your environmental impact. Don't miss out on this exceptional energy storage solution – order yours now!

Key Features of Our Stacked Energy Storage Batteries:

◆Energy Efficiency: Our cutting-edge technology ensures maximum energy efficiency, allowing you to make the most of your renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines.

Reliable Backup Power: Say goodbye to worries about power outages. Our Battery Storage System provides a reliable backup power source, keeping your lights on and appliances running when you need them most.

Scalable: Choose the capacity that suits your needs, whether it's the 5kWh option for smaller households or the 40kWh powerhouse for larger energy demands.

Smart Energy Management: Take control of your energy usage with our user-friendly interface. Monitor, optimize, and schedule energy consumption effortlessly.

Environmentally Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future by storing and using clean, renewable energy.

Invest in our Stacked Energy Storage Batteries today and experience the benefits of a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly energy solution. Don't miss out on this Hot Sale Battery Energy Storage System – secure your energy future now!

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