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Home Small Energy Storage Battery Power Cabinet 30KWH 40AH Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Solar Battery

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30kwh solar battery home energy storage systems with hybrid inverter

What you get?

■  6pcs  5kwh lithium battery packs

■  Removable base with casters

■  Hybrid inverter

■  LCD screen

■  BMS and EMS systems

■  It can also be equipped with a set of solar photovoltaic power generation panels

■  Various matching wires

Product description:

Battery parameter:

    Nominal capacity (Ah):100Ah                                                       Rated output voltage (V):400V

    Maximum continuous charge/discharge current (A):50/50             Dimensions (W*D*H) (cm):58.6*43.5*168.3

    Weight (kg):about 396kg                                                             Waterproof level:IP65

    Battery voltage range:125V~600V                                                Grid voltage range:360V-440V

    Operating temperature:-20℃~55℃                                              Meter communication interface:RS485

   The entire battery energy storage system adopts air-cooling cooling method, with photovoltaic input reverse connection protection and battery input reverse connection protection, insulation resistance, residual power detection, reference power failure protection, etc.



 ■   With a solar hybrid inverter, there is no need to install additional inverters, saving costs.

 ■   Cabinet design and movable base with wheels for easy movement

 ■   High safety: IP65 waterproof function,intelligent output constant voltage technology, the use of lithium iron phosphate chemical body is only for  afety, 100Ah. Compact module design volume energy density industry-leading, BMS management system, intelligent   ithium battery protection.

 ■   Long service life: 10-year battery warranty, 90% depth of discharge,10,000 cycle life.

 ■    Flexible configuration and easy expansion: Stacking expansion, 5-35KWh energy can be selected according to needs, and the maximum parallel expansion can reach 35KWh.

 ■   EMS system, mobile APP monitoring: charging, discharging, and power management are clear at a glance.

■  Wide range of temperature resistance: charging temperature 0-55 degrees Celsius, discharge temperature -15-55 degrees Celsius

■  One-stop service process: full responsibility from R&D and design to production and shipment, fast communication, strict testing, real-time online customer service to solve after-sales problems.

■  The certification system covers the global market

Operating mode:

■ Self-generated with photovoltaic power source for personal use

■ No photovoltaic power for self-use

■ Areas with peak-to-valley electricity prices can implement peak shaving and valley filling.

■ Enter the priority, supply power to the load first and then charge the excess power.

■ Backup power mode

■ In EPS state, the battery provides emergency power supply when the power grid is shut down.


■ Residential Photovoltaic Energy Storage

■ Small commercial backup power

■ Farmers breeding

■ Island

■ Remote pastoral areas

■ Remote mountainous area

Cabinet energy storage battery system includes photovoltaic energy storage hybrid inverter, CATL energy storage battery module, wireless communication module and display screen, and is equipped with BMS and EMS to realize data monitoring, early warning and control.

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