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Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Photovoltaic energy storage system Photovoltaic inverter integrated machine

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Our energy storage system is different from other brands of home energy storage systems. For example, Tesla's POWERWALL and Huawei's energy storage systems install batteries and inverters separately, while our energy storage batteries and inverters are directly assembled. It becomes a cabinet system and can be directly connected to photovoltaic power generation or power grid without any additional installation.helping you save installation costs.

What you get by buying our products:

■   Single 5Kwh battery (you can choose any stack of 1-8)

■   photovoltaic hybrid inverter

■  LCD screen

■  BMS and EMS systems

■  It can also be equipped with a set of solar photovoltaic power generation panels

Photovoltaic energy storage system Photovoltaic inverter integrated machine 


 ■  All-in-one design, no installation required, saving money

■   Cabinet design with movable base with pulleys for easy movement

■   IP65 waterproof level, intelligent output constant voltage technology, the use of lithium iron phosphate chemistry, and BMS management system are all designed to protect lithium batteries and make them safer to use.

■   No need to worry about service life at all:10-year battery warranty, 90% depth of discharge,10,000 cycle life.

■    Flexible configuration and easy expansion(5Kwh-40Kwh can be stacked and expanded at will)

■   Mobile APP monitoring: charging, discharging, and power management are clear at a glance.

■  Wide range of temperature resistance: charging temperature 0-55 degrees Celsius, discharge temperature -15-55 degrees Celsius

■  One-stop service process: full responsibility from R&D and design to production and shipment, fast communication, strict testing

■  The certification system covers the global market: Europe: IEC62619, EMC/IEC62368-1/IEC60950/RoHS/REACH/WEEE/CE Australia: CEC, RCM,/IEC62619, RMCIEC62040 IEC62477

Operating mode:

■ Self-generated with photovoltaic power source for personal use

This model is suitable for countries with low grid-connected electricity prices and low energy prices.

■ No photovoltaic power for self-use

When there is no photovoltaic supply, the battery discharges the local load. When the battery capacity is insufficient, the grid will provide power.

■ Areas with peak-to-valley electricity prices can implement peak shaving and valley filling.

It is very suitable for some areas with peak and valley electricity prices. It uses power from the grid when the electricity price is low and uses battery power during high electricity prices to save costs.

■ Enter the priority, supply power to the load first and then charge the excess power.

Backup power mode

This mode is suitable for places with frequent power outages. The battery will be forced to charge first and will not be discharged when connected to the power grid. It will provide power directly when needed.

■ In EPS state, the battery provides emergency power supply when the power grid is shut down.

When the power grid is shut down, the system will provide emergency power through photovoltaics or batteries to power household loads.



■ Residential Photovoltaic Energy Storage

■ Commercial supermarket or office backup power supply

■ Photovoltaic power storage power supply for outdoor agriculture and breeding industry

■ island power supply

■ Remote pastoral areas

■ Remote mountainous area

From the above information parameters, it can be concluded that this energy storage battery is not only suitable for residential energy storage, but also generally suitable for a variety of electricity scenarios, which can increase the capacity of the product according to the different needs of users, and can also increase personalized customization. Welcome to send us your needs below, we can better provide you with service.

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